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What makes you Happiest?

We all have things which make us happy, for many a cup of tea with friends and family is enough to soothe the stresses of the day, whereas others are happiest travelling the globe and exploring new experiences.

However, according to a recent survey the one thing which makes the British nation truly happy is motorcycling.

The survey, which questioned over 1,500 Brits and was commissioned by Gardener’s World, aimed to discover which hobbies cause the most enjoyment and happiness in the UK.

Motorcycling received the biggest responses to questions about life satisfaction and wellbeing, beating fishing, which came second, and running, swimming, driving and camping, which came third. Interestingly, out of all the hobbies discussed during the survey, cycling actually received the lowest overall satisfaction score.

The survey also found that anyone with an outdoor hobby was happier than those with an indoor hobby, and a lot happier than those without any hobby.

If your hobby makes you happy, why not continue it on your summer holiday, or even take a special trip to truly indulge your chosen activity?

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No matter what your favorite activity or hobby is, we have a specialist sports travel insurance policy to suit your budget and plans.

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