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What the Cow!?

At one point or another we have probably all scoffed at animal related excuses for travel delays and disruptions, for example my personal favourite was one particularly snowy day when all trains were cancelled until further notice, not because of heavy snow, but because a horse was ‘loose somewhere along the tracks’ – how does that even happen!

However, when animals cause your plane to make an emergency landing, this nuisance can become extremely distressing. A plane’s safety is always in the hands of the pilot, and therefore a pilot can make a May Day call at any time to request an emergency landing. The CAA record all may day calls, and some of the most serious have included low fuel reserves, terrorism, crew members falling ill and unfortunate birds being hit by the plane and potentially sucked into the engines.

However, recently one plane was forced to make an emergency landing because of a completely different animal – a herd of cows. During a routine flight a fire alarm apparently started to sound from the deck where the group of bovines were being kept. Someone was sent to investigate and it was decided that the crew should put on their oxygen masks and head for an emergency landing at Heathrow.

After investigation it was found that there was in fact no fire, but that the cows had probably produced so much heat and methane (a gas which traps heat), that this had started the fire alarm.

Although we can’t protect you against overheated cows, we can step in if you face many other unforeseen holiday disasters. Visit for more information on quality travel insurance.

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