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What Vaccinations do you need?

Getting vaccinations and preventative medicines should be an important part of any traveler’s pre-trip planning, they could be vital to protect your health and make sure you are fully protected against diseases and viruses abroad.


To make sure you are properly protected, you should contact your doctor and do some research into your chosen destinations.
Below is a list of some things to take into consideration;
. Don’t worry, you don’t need vaccinations to visit every country, if you’re planning to holiday in Australia or Europe you will most likely not need any injections. On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel further afield you will probably need some form of jab, even if it is simply a booster.
. Arrange to see your GP a minimum of eight weeks before you depart, because some immunizations and tablets take this long to take effect.
. Unfortunately not all injections are available for free on the NHS, so you may need to find a private clinic. The cost of private inoculations can vary depending on the dose you need, but one does will usually cost around £50.
. There are several factors which could affect your immunity, for example the time of year and the region of the country, so make sure you inform your GP. Other factors include;
– You will be more at risk if you’re planning to spend lots of time in rural areas, for example trekking or working outside.

– If you plan to spend time working or visiting poorer communities you will also be more at risk, simply because they have very little medical care.

– Additional precautionary measures might need to be taken if you’re planning to work in a hospital or clinic.

– If your trip will involve contact with wild animals, you could be at risk from diseases such as rabies, which can be spread from animal to human.

– If you’ll be staying in hostels or with groups of people, you will always be more at risk of catching germs.

– The longer you stay, the greater the risk of being exposed to disease and bacteria.

– Your age and health can also make you more vulnerable to infection, discuss any pre-existing conditions with your doctor, as this could affect what medicine you can and can’t have.
. On a final note, always make sure you invest in quality travel insurance with medical cover – just in case.
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