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What would you do if you were ‘Banged up Abroad’?

In the UK we are very lucky that our Police Forces comprise of people who genuinely want to protect and serve the general public. These brave men and women do not use aggression lightly, and will usually solve disputes peacefully by uncovering the whole story before taking drastic action.

However, many other countries are not as lucky, and unfortunately unsuspecting tourists can get caught up in violence, crime and misunderstandings. Most recently we’ve heard about violence and crime against tourists in places like Thailand, however events such as these can happen much closer to home too.

For example, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail, a British couple who were holidaying in Spain were actually arrested and incarcerated for refusing to pay for food they hadn’t ordered or consumed – a total ‘debt’ of €15.

The couple, who stopped for lunch during their cycling holiday from Cordoba to Grenada, complained to their waiter when they realised the bill contained an extra portion of paella which they hadn’t ordered, the cost of which was €15 (around £12). Instead of gracefully admitting the mistake, the waiter demanded they pay the full amount, and became aggressive when the couple refused.

The police were called, and instead of calmly mediating the situation, the couple were immediately arrested and thrown into prison for the night, without food or water.

After consulting legal advice, the couple were charged and forced to change their travel plans (at great expense), to attend a court hearing.

This example just goes to show the importance of investing in quality travel insurance, which includes cover for personal liability and legal protection. Travellers tend to protect against the common holiday mishaps, such as lost baggage or medical expenses, however it is important to protect against the rare and extreme events as well.

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