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What would you Sacrifice to Travel the World?

Many people desire to travel the world; they crave exotic cultures and daydream about stunning destinations. However, a recent survey has revealed just how important travel really is to the vast majority of people, no matter their age or circumstances.

The Post Office recently conducted a survey on ‘Bucket Lists’, and what things people wanted to do and accomplish before they ‘kick the bucket’. The results were heavily weighted towards travel, with over 50% of respondents admitting they wanted to travel the world.  Interestingly, less than 40% said they wanted to buy a new house.

Remarkably, learning a new language (33%) also topped getting married (30%) and having children (30%) on the list of responses. Further down the priority list were items such as living in another country at just under 30%, which still beat buying a dream car, starting a business and new hobbies.

The results suggest that the UK is a nation rebelling against the usual constructs of adult and family life, and instead are opting for a more nomadic and adventurous life style before they settle down.

The survey also research which places people would most like to visit, the endangered Great Barrier Reef topped this pole, followed by places like Manhattan, Las Vegas and Tokyo. Other sought after experiences included the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights), an African Safari, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

If travel tops your bucket list, there’s no need to wait until your retirement to start making your ideas come true. Visit for tips and advice on making your dreams into reality, and for information on affordable travel insurance for any trip.

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