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What’s Better: A Pay Rise or Extra Holiday Time?

According to a recent survey for Expedia, one in three working Brits would prefer extra annual leave over a pay rise. The research, which surveyed nearly 8,000 adults across 24 countries, also found that over 60% of Brits would be encouraged to take a new job, if they were offered more time off.

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Interestingly, the international findings also show that European workers, are given more holiday time than workers in areas of Asia and North America, with nearly twice as much holiday allowance annually. However, when polled most British workers said that they were allowed less holiday time than the European average of 28 days per year, with the majority only allowed to take 26 days.
However, the research also found that despite wanting more holiday time, most of us only take 25 days on average! Meaning that, on average, we each lose at least one day a year.
If you’re desperate for more holiday time, you could consider moving to Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and the UAE, where workers are given up to 30 days annual leave each year! Do not move to the USA, South Korea or Mexico, as workers are only allowed 15 days per year, and definitely avoid Thailand where only 11 days off work are allowed.
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