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When the Wedding Day could have been the Most Memorable Disaster

Every little girl dreams of her big day – the beautiful setting, Prince charming, and finally the amazing wedding dress. So when the day finally comes, every bride hopes that all of her planning will come to fruition for the perfect day.


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However, no one is immune to wedding day disasters, which can be made even worse if you’re planning a wedding abroad, where the risks of losing things in transit and translation in a foreign country can be quite frightening.
Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to one unlucky bride and her mother, as their family travelled to Greece to celebrate her nuptials.
The bride travelled to Greece with her fiancé a few days before the wedding to finish the last minute details, and not wanting him to see the dress, she asked her Mum to bring the £2,000 gown with her.
The bride was petrified that her dress would be lost by the airline, so told her Mum to keep it with her at all times. The bride’s mother did actually as she was told, and managed to sneak the dress into the hold by hiding the dress under her elderly grandmother’s wheelchair! As she disembarked from the plane in Greece, she thought that her mission was over.
A short cab ride later, and the party arrived at their hotel. However, after helping her elderly parents into the hotel and lugging around the suitcases, the mother couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling that she was forgetting something.
It was only then that the reality of the horrible mistake she had made dawned on her. She had in fact left her daughter’s £2,000 dream wedding dress in the back of the taxi. She had absolutely no idea which company she had used or how to get in touch with them.


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Feeling utterly sick, Mum managed to avoid her daughter for three days, while she begged the hotel to help her contact all of the local cab companies. Finally, a few days before the wedding, she was just about to admit her error when the dress was found in the lost property box of a local cab company.
She decided not to tell her daughter about the near miss, which was probably best, until she changed her mind at the wedding reception. Everyone found the story quite hilarious, except for the bride of course.


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However, the bride wasn’t as angry as she could have been, because she had invested in a quality specialist extension to her travel insurance for a wedding abroad. The specialist cover she purchased included up to £2,000 for emergency replacement wedding attire, including dresses and suits, plus cover for wedding rings, photographs, gifts and much more – just in case a holiday disaster should strike.
The moral of our story? Don’t leave the biggest day of your life to chance when planning a wedding abroad. Visit for more information on specialist Wedding Travel Insurance.

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