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#WhereDoYouKeepYours? FCO Campaign to Protect Passports

When travelling abroad your passport is your best friend, it is your ticket to the rest of the world, without it you will not be able to legally leave or re-enter the UK. However many people take their passport for granted, which can lead to a massive holiday headache.

British Passport with E111 EHIC

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are the ones who can step in and offer advice if your face issues abroad. Their services are absolutely vital for Brits around the world, however they spend an overwhelming proportion of their valuable time helping careless Brits obtain a new passport.
Tens of thousands of people lose or damage their passport every year, and many do not realise that without it they cannot return home. Furthermore, getting a new passport isn’t simple or quick, which means travelling to the nearest embassy and applying for an Emergency Travel Document, which can cost them dearly.
Travel Insurance can step in to cover the costs of an emergency travel document, but they won’t pay for the costs of replacing your actual passport once you return home.
To help educate travellers on the importance of keeping their passport safe – and to make them realise the headache replacing a passport can cause, the FCO have launched a new campaign called ‘where do you keep yours?’. The campaign outlines some simple dos and don’ts for keeping your passport safe;
• Keep your passport in a locked safe when you arrive at your destination. If you’re visiting a country which demands you keep your passport on your person at all times, keep it safe from pickpockets by not carrying it in your back pocket or in an open hand bag.

• Empty your pockets before you load the washing machine!

• Empty your pockets before you get into the swimming pool!
These should go without saying, but DO NOT
• Write in your passport – it is an official document not a note book

• Use your passport as a beer mat – come on guys

• Put your passport in the microwave – I don’t even know why this has to be said!

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