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Why buy travel insurance

What has travel insurance ever done for us? That is what 94% of travellers are lucky enough to be able to say. After all, travel insurance is something you take on holiday, but hope you never have to use. It is a bit like the life raft under your seat on the airplane – you know it’s there, and you hope it will work if you need it!

So, what can travel insurance do for you? There are two main reasons why people purchase insurance. The first is to cover the cost of the holiday should they have to cancel due to some unforeseen circumstance – despite holidays being offered for relatively low prices these days, they are still a major purchase for most people.

The second reason is because people worry about falling ill, or having an accident abroad. Whilst medical cover is free in the UK, it has to be paid for everywhere else. For a basic visit to a doctor or medical centre in Spain, for example, it will cost you £100. That’s not too bad, but what if you need an ambulance, or an operation? Then the cost will run into £1,000’s. And what if you are so poorly that you have to be brought home by ambulance? An air ambulance from Spain will set you back £10,000 (and there is no in-flight meal or movie!).

A single trip travel insurance policy, from will offer you protection, and peace of mind from as little as £7.63.

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