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Why go abroad when everyone is foreign?

An interesting article has been written about people’s ‘holiday moans’ – real complaints that travel agents have had to deal with.

For example, ‘in the brochure the sand was yellow, but in reality it was white’; or ‘the food in India was too hot, I don’t like spicy food’; or, my personal favourite, ‘everyone abroad is foreign, no one spoke English’!!!

It seems that when we Brits go abroad we are actually looking for Margate … but with sunshine!

Do we go on holiday to gain new experiences, or are we simply looking for English food, culture, TV and language with a cocktails and sun tan lotion?

Personally when I go on holiday I like to explore the location and soak up the local culture as well as the sun. However I must confess that I do hunt for English brands to stock up the apartment or hotel.

If the modern day holiday maker was more open minded they may experience something truly amazing and unforgettable, or at the very least positive and interesting. After all, travelling is meant to broaden the mind isn’t it? How difficult is it to live without Heinz and Emmerdale for one week a year to experience something new?

Whatever you plan to do on your holiday make sure that you have best buy travel insurance visit for top quality travel insurance that will enable you to enjoy what the world has to offer, and give you true piece of mind when stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things abroad.

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