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Why take a gap year?

When deciding to take a gap year, friends and family will always share their opinions and advice, but everyones circumstances are different, and only you can make this decision.

Advantages in favour of a gap year before Higher Education include:
· To take a well deserved break after 14 years at school.
· To make your UCAS application look good
· You will be a much better student at University
· You may change your course/modules to a better one
· To earn money for University costs
· It has been said if you take a gap year, you are less likely to “drop out”.
· Employers are fond of applicants who have taken a gap year , as they will then be less likely to decide to go travelling after being employed.
· Gives you time to find out if a particular career path is the correct choice.

Disadvantages include:
· Your friends will have moved on and you will be a year behind them
· You might not go to university
· Your study skills will have diminished
· You could be at risk of being injured – but so could you at home!
· It could be a let down

The experiences gained on a gap year could have a profound effect on you and affect the rest of your life. Many gap year students change their degree course and/or future profession as a result of their experiences. This has to be a good thing as this would be far better than embarking on the wrong course and going into a job you hate. Even the decision not to go to university after a gap year might be the right one given your circumstances, Even thou this may not be what friends and family want to here.

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