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Winter Sports Travel Insurance – What Is It?

Most snow-related sporting activities aren’t covered by standard travel insurance which can create the potential of not getting an insurance payout if you have an accident on holiday, and facing particularly large medical bills.

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The combination of skiing injuries often being quite serious, such as a broken bone, and the transportation costs if you have to be rescued by air ambulance or even repatriated can become an expensive accident.

Why Winter sports are not always covered on a standard policy

Its simply a matter of risk. As fun as skiing is,You are more likely to have an accident causing injury when swooping downhill at high speed than sunning yourself on the beach.

Which activities are usually covered

In most cases you should expect skiing, ice skating and snowboarding cover. Other activities that may be excluded, require an extra premium, or simply require you to tell the insurer you will be taking part in them, include bobsleighing, glacier trekking, heliskiing (skiing in locations accesible only by helicopter rather than ski lift), lugeing (a form of sledging) and riding on snow mobiles.


A policy won’t necessarily cover you against your holiday being ruined because the piste you visit is closed due of bad weather. Check the small print carefully to see how it deals with lost possessions: misplacing a ski pass can prove extremely expensive if you aren’t covered

Try annual multi trip travel insurance

Some annual policies will cover winter sports, though this will usually be an optional extra with an additional premium. As always with an annual policy, you should never make any assumptions and always read the terms and conditions again when planning a new trip abroad. Most insurers will be willing to add on extra coverage midway through the policy year for an appropriate fee.

All insurances differ, try

Winter sports insurance cover starts from as little as £4.81 for single trip and £26.19 for annual multi-trip insurance including winter sports.

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