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Wintersports skiing holiday’s

With winter fast approaching, Ski holiday’s have become as popular as booking a summer holiday.If you are booking a winter ski holiday and are a novice, here are a few beginners tips:

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Skiing Stance
Skiing beginners should learn first the standard skiing stance. This should be one of the first steps a beginner must know since this paves the way for easily learning the succeeding exercises.

Carrying your Skis
Ensure no harm to your fellow skiers by knowing how to carry your equipment properly. Moreover, by carrying your skis properly, you will be able to transport your Skiing equipment with ease.

Walking with skis
Every beginner should learn the basic steps first to make him or her successfully perform the succeeding Skiing exercises.

Getting up after a fall
Falling is a staple in every winter sports activity. It is expected that you will fall a lot of times hence, minimize the risk of getting yourself injures by knowing the right way to get up and how to react during a fall.

Kick turn
This maneuver allows you to rotate 180 degrees and change direction without losing altitude.

Clock turn
This Skiing Exercise enables you to change direction and turn in place using either the tips or tails of your Skis as pivots.

Side Stepping
In Side-stepping, you need to keep your Skis perpendicular to the Fall line so you will not slide backwards.

This is another way of moving uphill with your Skis on. Notice the marks that your Skis leave on the snow and you’ll understand where the Herringbone technique got its name.

Sideslipping is a controlled slide along the Fall line of a slope. This exercise will teach you how to control your descent using your Skis’ edges.

This is one of the basic maneuvers that you should learn to help you get accustomed to your Skis and improve balance while shifting your weight from one Ski to the other.

In Skiing, you can move directly across the fall line through Traversing. This basic skill is not that difficult to learn. In fact, you only need a specific destination and a maintained speed!

Linking turns
After learning different basic maneuvers and skills, it’s time to combine them in one exercise.
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