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Workers wanted in OZ

The South Australian government is attempting to lure what it says are Britons stressed out by the UK’s work culture.

Officials said the new jobs will help those aged 18 to 30 achieve the “ultimate work-life balance”. If you Fancy being a shark personality profiler, a Koala catcher or a “roo poo” harvester Australia may be for you. Other jobs on offer include a Fairy Penguin home remodeller on Kangaroo Island, a shark personality profiler at Port Lincoln, and a beer taster a shark tagger, mining engineers, farmers, A green keeper and a beach babes judge! If any of these jobs take your appeal to you, apply for a working holiday visa and and fly to South Australia.
Travellers who want to work have an option. Take the usual trail, do the usual jobs, or go for something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world and have an experience you’ll be dining out on for years, the sort of experience you’ll be telling your grand-kids about.” The South Australian government has commissioned research that claims some 60% of British workers are bored with their jobs with Wrexham and Coventry listed as the worst places to work, This is the first time these jobs have collectively been released and with no previous experience necessary.

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