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Working in Australia

Every year thousands of Brits depart the UK in search of sun, sea and adventure ‘down under’. Australia is a great destination, which is extremely popular with backpacker and Longstay travelers who plan to explore everything the country has to offer, including stunning landscapes, wildlife, culture and history.

However, many of these travelers also end up working during their time in Oz, either because they want extra funds for their travels and activities, or because they simply want to stay for longer than first expected.

According to official data, there has been a 1/3 increase in the amount of working visas the Australian Government have been granting to international tourists, and in fact, nearly 250 thousand working visas were granted during the 2012 – 2013 period.

Visitors choosing to work in Australia have increased from China, Italy, Taiwan, France, Germany, and the UK – which has seen 15% more workers disappear to Australia.  These travelers usually choose to work in hotels, farms, vineyards, bars or restaurants – jobs which all provide the flexibility of shift work, to allow income to combine with exploring.

With the current issues that the UK job market is presenting to young people, it is understandable that they might consider combining an adventure overseas with the chance to earn some money and improve their CV.

If you’re thinking about working abroad, make sure you purchase travel insurance which includes cover for working abroad. This should ensure that you are protected if you face a working holiday disaster. For more information visit our Backpacker travel insurance page on

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