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World Cup 2014 Travel Rush

After securing a 2 v 0 victory over Poland on Tuesday, England fans were absolutely elated to learn that their team will be heading to the 2014 World Cup in Rio. Moments after the match finished thousands of fans reportedly flooded websites in a frenzied attempt to secure match tickets and book flights.

However, this World Cup is set to truly test even the biggest football fan, as Brazil is the fifth largest country in world, and matches will be played all across the country – meaning that flights, travel, tickets and accommodation could prove very expensive.

According to recent searches, flights to Brazil in June could cost around £800, plus rising hotel costs to cash in on the increased tourism. Furthermore, those bills are before the fans have even purchased tickets for any of the three qualifying rounds, let alone the final!

Depending on which group England is drawn in, fans could face travelling thousands of miles between matches, with only three days to reach the next stadium. Realistically, this would mean heavy reliance on public transport, renting a car and facing a grueling drive, or flying between match venues.

Whatever the outcome, this World Cup will probably be one of the most expensive football trips for dedicated England fans, so anyone planning to follow their team to Rio in 2014 should invest in travel insurance before the trip. Without insurance fans will be left vulnerable to expensive bills if something unexpected goes wrong, for example cancellation, medical emergencies, or missing possessions/travel documents.

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