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World Mental Health Day

Travelling abroad can be daunting for travellers, but even more so for people who are living with mental health conditions. It can be frightening to move outside of your comfort zone, where you know you can easily get more medication or find immediate assistance.

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However, to celebrate World Mental Health day, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are aiming to help anyone wanting to travel abroad make their dreams a reality.
Their simple checklist includes;
• Have you declared your condition to your insurance company, and have they agreed to provide cover in writing?

• If you’re travelling to Europe, make sure you take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you.

• Are you allowed to carry your medication into your chosen destination? Do you have a copy of your prescription and a labelled bottle to prove it has been properly prescribed to you?

• Is your medication legal and available in your destination just in case you need more?

• Who would you like to know/help you if your mental health deteriorated abroad? How would others know who to contact?

• Do you know what mental health services are available in the country you are travelling to?

• Are you aware of what the FCO can and can’t help you with if you experience any problems abroad?

For more detailed advice and further information, visit the FCO’s handy guide which explains what they can and can’t help you with whilst you are abroad, plus ways you can help yourself avoid a holiday disaster.

Mental Health Travel Advice 2014

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