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X-Ray Machines

If you keep up to date with travel news, you will be all too aware of the debate surrounding the proposed full body scanners at airport security.

Many people feel that this is a neccessary step towards providing a safer airport and travel experience. They believe that these scanners will identify any passengers hiding weapons, or harmful or illegal substances on their person, and so prevent them from boarding an aircraft.

There are those however, who are of the opinion that these scanners are a step too far, because they will take any remaining dignity away from passengers who, incidentally, have paid good money to fly only to be fully exposed to airport staff. There are also fears that exposure to the scanner’s x-rays can damage possessions and lead to cancer.

In an attempt to make the scanners more popular, it has been reported that officials will be re-programming them to protect passenger dignity. The machines that are currently being tested will be re-programmed so that they will judge whether the scan reveals anything alarming or suspicious, and alert staff accordingly, without the need for any revealing images to appear on the monitors.

Whether this will be enough to alleviate traveller concerns is yet to be established.

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