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Free Doctor Assist App

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Doctor Assist

At Holidaysafe we understand that finding yourself ill or injured abroad can be a traveler’s worst nightmare, so we’ve teamed up with Doctor Assist to offer you video or phone consultations with a trusted UK Doctor during your trip.

If you’re feeling poorly you can contact them from wherever you are via their free app, to get expert medical help and advice from a UK GP. If you require urgent assistance, for example admittance into a local hospital, they will refer you over to our specialist 24/7 emergency team who will handle your case for you.

Doctor Assist should help you;

  • Feel better quicker with the right advice and right treatment based on UK standards
  • Know what to do by helping you find the right treatment locally
  • Avoid overcharging from local doctors and unnecessary loss of holiday enjoyment
  • Know whether your ailment requires urgent treatment or can wait until you get home
  • Knowing what treatment would be normal in the UK health system for a given condition
  • Advice on when it might be safe to fly home with a given medical condition

Simply download the App (from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store) and you can phone a UK Doctor 24/7 or book a video consultation for anyone covered by your policy.

Why Holidaysafe?
  • Award Winning Travel Insurance
  • Save 15% Online!
  • FREE and secure Customer Area
  • 14 Day Cooling Off Period
  • Discounts on Couples & Family Policies
  • Optional Product Extensions & Enhancements
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Kent-based Customer Service Team
  • And Much More

App FAQs

Where can I download the Doctor Assist app?
You can download the Doctor Assist app from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will need an Android device running at 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or newer, or an iOS mobile device running version 8.0 or newer.

Do I need to register to use the app?
Yes, once downloaded you will need to create a free account using your name, email address and policy number (which can be found on your policy confirmation email).

Do I have to pay for a consultation with a doctor?
No, the consultations are free if you provided a valid policy number at the time of sign up. However if you use up your credits or your policy expires, you can self-pay for consultations on the app using your debit or credit card.

How many credits is an appointment on the Doctor Assist app?

30 credits per 15 minute consultation. As a Holidaysafe customer you get 120 credits free when you sign up, which would equate to 4 consultations (an hour of the doctor’s time).

Do I need an internet connection to use Doctor Assist App?
Yes, you will need a 3G or WiFi Internet connection to use the Doctor Assist app. Connecting to the internet via WiFi is strongly recommended when having a video consultation.

What type of doctors are on Doctor Assist?
All of the doctors are UK-based General Practitioners who are registered with the General Medical Council and have been DBS-checked. They have also all had training in Telephone and Video Consultations.

How do I book a consultation?
Once you login you will be presented with a screen which offers two options, either a video or phone consultation. Click your preferred option and then follow the steps to find the next available appointment. In the unlikely event that you cannot find an appointment to suit you via your preferred option, please try the other option.

Can I use my Doctor Assist profile to book a consultation for a family member?
Yes, only one personal per policy can download the app, but that person can make appointments for anyone named on the policy.

How can I change the time or cancel my booked consultation?
You can cancel a video consultation at any time, however there will be a 10-credit cancelation fee. In order to cancel a consultation, find the consultation in the consultation screen and press the “cancel consultation” button.

If you just want to change the time of your booked consultation, you will need to cancel your consultation and rebook the timeslot you are looking for. The cancellation fee will be waived if you rebook a consultation within 48 hours.

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.