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El Salvador tops the list of world’s most dangerous locations for motorcycle tours

  • The average medical claim for El Salvador was £9,311
  • Medical claims represented whopping 62% of all claims
  • Seven out the top ten locations were outside of Europe, motorcyclists branching out and exploring more exotic uncharted places

Motorcycle tours are becoming the most popular bike experience. More than ever motorcyclists are venturing into uncharted territories and seeking out new and exciting places to explore. Motorcycle tours occur all around the world and can either be guided or self-guided but others like solitude so would rather go it alone.

These trips however are not without risk. El Salvador has come top of the list of the world’s most dangerous countries for motorcycle tours with the average medical claim standing at £9,311. Rounding out the top ten, in order, are Australia, Morocco, Portugal, Czech Republic, Nepal, USA, Mongolian, India and France.

Motorcycle safety can be a serious issue on holidays, with 62% of claims for medical assistance. Here are some tips on staying safe abroad:

Wear appropriate gear

Even in a hot country wearing flip flops and shorts while riding is a bad idea because motorcycles do not offer much protection. It is vital to wear protective gear such as a good fitting jacket and trousers made of leather or Cordura and boots. According to THINK!, 19% of all hospital admissions for motorcycle injuries involve broken bones in the lower leg, which makes it the part of the body most likely to get injured, so it is imperative that you wear a sturdy pair of boots.*

Wear a helmet

This is possibly the most important thing you can do when it comes to motorcycle safety. Helmets protect your brain and shield you from head injuries, it is crucial that the helmet fits you properly.

Make sure you are covered

Before embarking on your holiday, purchase a specialist motorcycle insurance policy. It is imperative that the policy includes sports and activities and that you know what cover you could receive.

Amber Howard, brand manager of, said: “Motorcycle tours are a thrilling way to spend a holiday. Whether travelling alone or with friends, bikers are sure to have a great time exploring the great outdoors.

“It is our mission to make sure our customers are as safe as possible so offers travel insurance especially for motorcyclists.  A lot of policies don’t offer adequate motorcycle travel insurance for motorcycle enthusiasts but we do and we even cover leathers and kit too.

*Source: THINK! Essential guide to protective gear for bikers, 2010 (NHS Hospital admissions due to motorcycle injuries 1997-2008)

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