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1 in 4 Brits Regret their Holiday Destination

According to a new study conducted by SPANA, a quarter of Brits regret choosing a holiday destination which was too ‘touristy’.


The study, which analysed the travel habits of 2,000 British adults, found that choosing a destination which was too ‘British’, drinking too much alcohol and bring the mother in law topped the list of holiday regrets.

More than a third of Brits were disappointed by things they either did or did not do during their trip, 14% were embarrassed by their own bad behaviour, and 24% regretted the location of their holiday.

SPANA then compiled a list of top 50 holiday regrets, the top 10 included;

  1. Letting others dictate how you spent your holiday, rather than doing what you wanted
  2. Choosing a destination that was too ‘touristy’
  3. Choosing a destination where there was literally nothing to do
  4. Falling out with the people you went on holiday with
  5. Deciding not to purchase a souvenir and then wishing you had
  6. Choosing a destination that was too ‘British’
  7. Forgetting to wear sun cream / sunbathing all day and getting badly burnt
  8. Drinking local alcohol to excess
  9. Drinking too much on a night out and behaving badly
  10. Getting food poisoning

If you’re planning a holiday, make sure you do plenty of research on your destination before you book your accommodation. Most countries will have more touristy areas, so if experiencing the destination’s culture is important to you, make sure you plan lots of day trips or choose a less touristy area to stay.

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