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£1,000 Fine for ‘Balconing’ Least of Traveller’s Worries

Every year the summer news headlines are filled with tragic tales of young people who have seriously injured themselves, or even lost their lives, whilst ‘balconing’.

‘Balconing’ is a craze which started some years ago, and involves either jumping between balconies or jumping from balconies into swimming pools at holiday resorts. Obviously this is extremely dangerous, but intoxication by alcohol and drugs can limit fear and increase irrational behaviour.

Recently, a 21 year old fell from her balcony during her very first evening at the Club B hotel in Majorca. Miss McAlpine from Scotland, fell from her first fall balcony suffering serious head injuries, plus a broken hip, arm and nose. She is extremely lucky to be alive, but she could now face a £1,000 fine, as police have accused her of balconing.

Magaluf have recently imposed fines such as these, to crack down on dangerous behaviour by tourists. However, this fine could be the least of her worries, as Miss McAlpine may also have to consider her medical bills.

Travel Insurance has very strict rules about drugs, alcohol and needless exposure to danger, so if your injuries are contributed to these factors, your claim may not be paid. This will leave you and your family liable to pay any outstanding medical bills and to arrange getting you home – which could reach tens of thousand pounds (depending on the injuries sustained).

If you’re planning a holiday this summer, just remember to drink responsibly, and do not wilfully expose yourself to any dangerous situations – it just isn’t worth it!

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