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1,600 Backpacker Selfies Later…

Selfies have become a normal part of everyday modern life, with people using them to document their lives; however one backpacker has taken the selfie idea to the extreme, by taking 1,600 images of himself during a round the world trip.

Mr Patrick Hamilton Walsh, originally from Northern Ireland, decided to start his ‘This is Me @ 3’ project back in May 2010, after being inspired by an exhibition of street art in Sweden. The project involved taking a picture of himself everyday at 3pm, and collecting the images, with a view to collating them at the end of the trip.

He decided that 3pm would be an optimum time, as he would be in the full swing of the day. However, Mr Hamilton Walsh soon realised that the photos had a much deeper meaning, showing the real ups and downs that all travellers face.

Following this project, the avid traveller has since married the love of his life, completed two courses and written two books, including an autobiographical piece which explains the story of a teenage boy from Ireland who decided to set himself three life goals; own a supercar, regularly attend games at Old Trafford and travel the world.

By the time he was 26, Mr Hamilton Walsh had already completed his first two goals, following a successful career as an accountant, so he sold his car to make the third dream a reality.

All proceeds of his book are being donated to charity, to help homeless people in Dublin.

The traveller’s aims is to inspire people to make their dreams a reality, no matter how big.

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