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Airlines Fined for Mis-Selling Travel Insurance

When buying flights online, many of us will have spotted the travel insurance box automatically ticked as you run through the checkout process – if you haven’t, then you’ve probably purchased travel insurance without even knowing it.

However, one Italian consumer watch dog decided to take a stand against this practice, and it has recently been announced that two of the biggest airlines, Easy Jet and Ryanair, are being find over €1,000,000 (or over £800,000) for their travel insurance blunders.

The watchdog ruled that the insurance was not only mis-sold, but that very little information was provided to customers who did want to purchase the optional extra, including details of the policy excess which they would need to pay in the event of a claim.

Customers then reported a mix of issues when trying to make a claim from the airlines, including calling premium rate phone numbers, and even worse, having to pay the airline for a certificate to say they hadn’t traveled, which they then had to give back to the airline! The watch dog ruled that this practice was totally unfair, as the airline already had access to this information, and was unfairly asking customers to part with their money for the privilege.

Ryanair are apparently planning to appeal the decision through their legal team, whereas Easy Jet have already amended their website to try and make it easier for consumers to navigate.

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