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Atlanta Airport Delays

If you haven’t heard about the delays that occurred on Sunday at Atlanta airport, here’s all you need to know.

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What happened?


On Sunday 17th December at around 1pm, a power outage caused disruption and led to flights being delayed and even cancelled at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport.

The power outage lasted nearly 11 hours and left passengers in darkened terminals and on aircrafts sat on the tarmac.

Cancellations and delays have rolled over into today, meaning the year’s busiest travel weekend before Christmas has been an even more stressful experience for all travellers.

Delta Airline has said it has cancelled about 300 flights today on top of the 900 cancellations yesterday.  (source)

Flights due to arrive were diverted to other Atlanta-area airports.


Am I covered?


We cover for delays over 12 hours long, so as this was just under 11 hours, there isn’t a claim here.

However, the airport should have ensured you were fed and watered, and if your flight was cancelled, it is the airline’s responsibility to ensure you are able to get on the next available flight.

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