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Autumn Statement Scraps Air Travel Tax for Children

The Government’s Finance Minister, George Osborne, recently presented his half-yearly budget to Parliament, where he outlined plans to make it cheaper for families to travel abroad. Osborne plans to scrap the air passenger duty tax currently charged for children, which can cost between £13 and nearly £100 per person, depending on the flight.

Air Travel Tax is charged by the Government, and affects every passenger leaving the UK. However, from 1st May 2015 the Finance Minister plans to stop the tax for children under 12, with to abolish it completely for children under 16 by 2016.

He also outlined plans to limit the amount of tax which can be charged for long haul flights, reducing it to just over £70 rather than nearly £100 per person.

Hopefully this change should make travelling abroad much more affordable for families on a tight budget. According to the Guardian newspaper, if plans go ahead the tax for a family with two children travelling to the USA next summer should be reduced to £142.

However, airline and holiday companies alike do not think that Osborne’s plans go far enough, as they call for all air passenger duty costs to be eliminated completely. According to them, the tax has a negative effect on the UK economy because we have the highest flying tax in the world, and this prevents the UK aviation and tourism industries from flourishing.

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