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Backpacker Bedbugs Blow

A British backpacker has been hospitalised and is unable to walk following severe bed bug bites.

Seonaid Dear was bitten by Cimex lectularius, commonly known as bedbugs, whilst staying at the Bundaberg Backpackers hostel in Australia. The 20 year old was forced to seek treatment on two separate occasions for the bites on her ankle, which unfortunately became infected and made it difficult for her to walk.

Miss Dear was told that she was too ill to fly, and was admitted to the local hospital for further treatment. In an interview with a local paper, Miss Dear described numbness in her foot and most of her toes, plus the disturbing blue colour her foot has now turned.

Unfortunately the injury has left Miss Dear in a difficult position, as she is not allowed to fly on medical grounds, and her airline are refusing to refund the money from the flight she was forced to miss. The injured backpacker is unable to work, and reportedly has just enough money to get home, but that would mean an end for her travelling adventures.

The Bundaberg Backpackers hostel has now been given 24 hours to clean up its act, after a cockroach and bedbug infestation was confirmed and condemned by council visitors.

To make matters worse, Miss Dear’s brother has been forced to remain at the infested hostel, as he paid upfront and has no money to pay for different accommodation.

Bedbugs are small, flat, oval shaped and reddish-brown in colour – they do not carry any diseases, but do bite and suck blood like mosquitos. Many people will have no reaction to the bites, others will form itchy red bumps (like mosquito bites), and some will develop a more severe rash. Scratching the bites causes infection, so Doctors recommend consulting them for anti-itch remedies and treatment if symptoms persist.

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