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Backpacker Survives in Wilderness by Eating Bugs and Snow

A California backpacker has a new perspective on life after he was stranded on a 13,000-foot high mountain with a broken leg – managing to eat only melted snow and bugs in order to stay alive.

Gregg Hein was on a solo trip to climb Mount Goddard in the northern sector of Kings Canyon National Park, California, when a boulder fell, broke and trapped his leg making it impossible for Gregg to get down from the mountain. He was also unable to call for help in the incredibly isolated area.

Gregg had two days left on his scheduled trip, and he knew he would have to now wait until someone realised he was missing and call for help before he would be found.

“I entertained the idea of potentially dying a couple of times. I was either going to crawl my way out or someone was going to rescue me.” Hein commented.

The backpacker also added that he would drink melted snow, eat crickets and moths as he tried to descend the mountain with the broken leg. After six agonisingly painful days, he was finally rescued by a helicopter that flew overhead above him.

Gregg spent a week in the hospital but is now recovering well from his injuries. He’s told local news stations that he plans to go hiking and backpacking again when everything is healed, but he’s wary of going by himself.

He stated: “Having those six days of just living with complete intend and purpose is quite refreshing, really. And then, to really be thankful for what you have in your life.”

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