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Britain Celebrates ‘the Rise of the Staycation’

News that the number of Brits staying in the UK is steadily rising means that tourism within Britain is thriving – great news for the economy and plenty of reason to celebrate.

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A new study carried out by the budget hotel chain Travelodge has discovered that a record-breaking 74% of people are planning to stay in the UK for their holiday this year – the fifth year in a row that the ‘staycation’ trend has continued to rise, with the number of British holidaymakers choosing to spend their time in the UK almost doubling since 2011.

TripAdvisor have also reported that UK destinations are increasingly becoming the most frequently searched for.

Around 40% of British holidaymakers will be spending their summer holidays in coastal destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, Whitby, Bournemouth, Brighton and Blackpool. The other 60% are split throughout the UK, enjoying truly British summers in locations such as London, Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, North Wales, York and even city breaks in places like Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool.

If you’re considering a last-minute staycation, or are torn between the Costa del Sol and the Costa del Barnstaple then consider that you’ll almost definitely save money (no flights, no exchange rate, no tourist traps), you’ll be boosting the UK economy by ‘giving back’ so really, you’re benefitting yourself by going away inside British borders, and with the passport office only just getting things back to normal, you don’t need to worry about stressing over renewing that passport.

British holidaymakers can also look forward to UK summer temperatures rivalling their Mediterranean cousins (London’s pleasant 21°c against the humid 34°c in Athens), Britain being the home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches (Harbour Beach in Tenby, Wales is listed as #1), and the complete lack of currency issues (everything is simpler when you can buy a reasonably-priced Cornetto).

Despite more and more people choosing to stay in the UK, statistics are also showing that we’re definitely not taking any fewer foreign holidays. The Office for National Statistics has suggested that the number of Britons heading overseas has remained stable for the past five years – since the ‘staycation’ trend first emerged in the heat of the economic crisis – and that figures of Brit holidaymakers heading overseas will be the same as in 2009.

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