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Brits Named Fussiest Holiday Eaters

Holiday company Expedia recently surveyed 14,000 people in 14 countries, and found that Brits are the least likely nation to sample local food when travelling abroad, when compared to our European neighbours.


Only 57% of UK adults were willing to try local delicacies or eat ‘unknown’ food, well below the 79% survey average. Top of the list were Spain and Italy, with a whopping 94% willing to try new and local foods, followed by France at 91% and Switzerland at 91%.

Travellers from Germany (83%), the Netherlands (77%) and our closest neighbours Ireland (75%) were also far more willing to experiment with food when travelling abroad, and in fact, only Finland and the UK responded under the 70% mark.

The complete list of surveyed countries included;

  1. Spain – 94% & Italy – 94%
  2. France – 91% and Switzerland – 91%
  3. Austria – 89%
  4. Norway – 81%
  5. Germany – 83%
  6. Netherlands – 77%
  7. Denmark – 76%
  8. Ireland – 75%
  9. Belgium – 74%
  10. Sweden – 73%
  11. Finland – 59%
  12. UK – 57%

The survey was part of Expedia’s ‘Europe on a Plate’ campaign, which aims to encourage tourists to experience Europe through the eyes of a local, hopefully enabling them to uncover hidden gems when travelling abroad.

There can be a terrifying stigma attached to foreign food, because, not only do language barriers mean that you aren’t always entirely sure what you’re eating, but many are also afraid of food poisoning or stomach upsets. However, Expedia are trying to highlight that part of travelling  is pushing your comfort zones, and that means trying some local delicacies – you never know, you could just stumble across your next favourite dish!

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