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Children are not a Barrier to Travel

The idea of travelling abroad with young children can be extremely daunting – will they behave? Will they enjoy themselves? Will the adults get any time to relax? However one couple proved that children aren’t a barrier to travel, by spending eight weeks traveling from Europe to Africa with their nine month old baby.

Father and Son Playing on the Beach at Sunset

Johan van Zutphen and his partner Milda purchased an old fire truck for £9,000 and then spent £5,000 renovating it with two beds, a fridge, a stove, solar panels and storage in preparation for the 6,000 mile round trip which took them from Lithuania to Morocco with their nine month old son Leo.

During the trip the family visited Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco and Spain, spending only £3,000 thanks to the accommodation and transport offered by the first truck.

The couple are not new to travel, having previously completed a motorcycle tour from Lithuania to Malaysia, and so they wanted to prove that having a child didn’t have to end their travel experiences. They attributed the success of their trip to plenty of research, the ‘homely’ feel of the van and the fact that they kept a constant routine for Leo when it came to sleeping and eating.

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