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The Most Complained About Airlines Revealed

EUclaim, a leading flight compensation company, has revealed the most complained about British airlines for the first half of 2016. So far EasyJet is topping the list, with EUclaim reporting an increase in complaints for the airline each year for the past three years. Coming in second on the ‘Carriers of Shame’ list was Ryanair, whose complaints have more than doubled in the last year.


On a more positive note, Monarch have managed to decreased their complaints by over 30%, taking them out of the list altogether. The January-June 2016 ‘Carriers of Shame’ list includes;

  1. EasyJet – 5,641 compensation enquiries
  2. Ryanair – 4,781 compensation enquiries
  3. Thomas Cook – 3,807 compensation enquiries
  4. British Airways – 3,423 compensation enquiries
  5. Thomson – 2,422 compensation enquiries

Although some of the airlines above dispute the number of complaints, EUclaim estimates that airlines could owe nearly €700,000,000 in compensation (due to delays of more than three hours and cancellations) by the end of 2016. This is mainly due to bad weather in March and June, plus air traffic control strikes in France and Italy.

If you’re delayed at the airport, travel insurance will usually only pay a fixed benefit each 12 hours (for you to buy things like extra meals and newspapers), and then travel abandonment if you’re delayed at the airport for 24 hours or more. Therefore it is really important that you know how to get compensation from the airline in the event of three hour+ delay or flight cancellation.

The Money Saving Expert site has some great advice on passenger rights, so make sure you read up and pick your airline carefully (i.e. not just on price!)

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