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Cruise Passenger Saves Six Year Old Child

Sarah Hodgson from Harpenden was relaxing with her family on board a luxury cruise liner, when a six year old boy was found unconscious and drowning in one of the ship’s outdoor swimming pools.

When the little boy was found he was so ill that he had turned blue, so he was immediately carried out of the pool, and Mrs Hodgson started emergency CPR in an attempt to restart his breathing, with the help of three other passengers.

Mrs Hodgson’s experience as an auxiliary nurse in her local hospital helped her to know what to do, and when she felt the child’s chest start to respond, she rolled him over to help clear his airways and get the chlorinated water out of his lungs.

The ship, which was sailing around Western Europe, immediately changed its course to meet a rescue helicopter, and the six year old was airlifted to Brest in France – where thankfully he made a full recovery.

Hodgson has stayed in contact with the child’s family, and is happy to report that he is now at home and back to school following his very near death experience.

As a thank you, the captain invited Sarah and her three collaborators to dine with him in the ship’s restaurant.

Thank fully this story has a happy ending; however it highlights the importance of child safety and supervision abroad cruise ships. Hopefully the child’s parents invested in quality Cruise travel insurance, to cover the costs of the emergency helicopter rescue and hospital costs.

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