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Cruises are the Biggest Cause of Traveller Grievance

Law firm Irwin-Mitchell have revealed that over 27% of the cases they dealt with in 2013 are to do with cruises, meaning that trips that involve ships are not as most of us would think, plain sailing.

Cruising consumer complaints have topped the list for the past four years in a row at the law firm -who currently represent passengers involved in group actions against cruise operators such as Thomson, P&O and Fred Olsen cruises, plus several others still sailing around the world – so the company is calling on the travel industry and cruise firms in particular, to take more responsibility for the welfare of their passengers.

Cruise passengers catching the dreaded norovirus on-board mega-ships and liners is something still of concern to not only the law company, but to customers looking to go on cruises in the near future. Along with well-publicised cases of norovirus rising in the past couple of years, gastric illness and food poisoning are common amongst Irwin-Mitchell’s clients, with many contracting potentially fatal illnesses such as salmonella, cryptosporidium and E-coli whilst on their dream cruise.

Poor food preparation, storage and unclean swimming pools are responsible for the majority of cruise passenger sickness, causing cruisers to hold the cruise line and its staff responsible.
Other cruise complaints have been published by BonVoyage, making waves throughout the cruise travel market. One states that the ocean was ‘too loud’, whilst another cruise passenger asked the cruise line Celebrity for a refund because ‘there were no celebrities on board’.

A husband on-board a two-week honeymoon cruise complained that the staff didn’t decorate the cabin in white, didn’t scatter rose petals throughout the room each morning and did not deliver champagne and strawberries by private butler. When asked if he had requested such a special service, the man said he had expected the cruise staff to ‘just know’.

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