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Cruising: The Growing Travel Passion

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) like to keep an eye on travel trends, and recently they focussed their attentions on the growing popularity of cruise holidays.

According to ABTA, 25% of all British holidaymakers have been on a cruise, and 20% of those people would definitely consider a cruise holiday again. Furthermore, 40% of holidaymakers who hadn’t been on a cruise would like to. Only 30% of people wouldn’t choose a cruise holiday.

1 in 10 British holidaymakers who had been on holiday during the period September 2014-September 2015 had taken a cruise (an increase of 0.3% on the 2013-2014 figure), and this only seems to be rising further, with predictions for 2015-2016 at 13%.

When looking at the demographic of cruise passengers, around 13% were aged 65 and over, 12% were aged 25-34 and 15% were families with young children. Interestingly, the 25-34 age bracket were the most interested in taking a cruise next year, with 48% of these respondents wanting to try a cruise holiday.

When asked why people choose cruise holidays, 77% highlighted the chance to see multiple destinations as their key reason. Other attractions included quality food and drink at 70%, ease of travel at 61%, entertainment at 52% and quality of accommodation at 50%.

If you’re planning a cruise holiday, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before you set sail. Without specialist cruise cover you may find yourself vulnerable to expensive holiday disasters such as medical emergencies and lost or damaged possessions. Visit for more information on our award winning cover and dedicated cruise extension.

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