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Dementia and the G8 summit

Many of you will be aware that on 11th December 2013, the G8 members met to discuss the global impact of dementia. Once thought of as a natural progression of aging, it is now generally recognised as a medical condition.

As a result of the summit meeting the nations involved have declared they are committed to trying to find a cure or a disease-modifying treatment for dementia by 2025. The UK government are doubling their present level of funds towards research. To put this into context, it is interesting to note that in the UK, Cancer research receives 8 times the amount that is currently spent on research for dementia. This would appear to be the trend the world over.

At present 35 million of the worlds population suffer from the condition, this figure is predicted to double every 20 years. The global number of people suffering at present from dementia is estimated to treble in size to 135 million by 2050.

The summit acknowledged that this is a worldwide problem and a lot needs to be done by every country to address the disease. Dementia is heading towards being the greatest healthcare problem of the current generation. With more research will come more understanding and things such as travel insurance to cover dementia should become easier to source.

Looking to the future, the prospects are positive. More funding and added research into Dementia should lead to better new ways of treatment, more competent caring, and improved facilities.

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