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Department of Transportation Order Airlines to Pay for Damaged Luggage

A decent suitcase or hold-all is a must for any traveller, but what do you do if your baggage is damaged by your airline? Following an in-depth investigation, the Department of Transportation has laid out new rules and enforcements for airlines which damage their passenger’s luggage.

Back in September the Department of Transportation launched an investigation at 16 airports over a two week period. They found that some airlines were refusing to accept reports of damaged luggage, and so were not following compensation rules, let alone acknowledging consumer rights.

The airlines in question were told to immediately revise their policies on damaged luggage, with legal enforcement action planned for any noncompliant companies from January 2016. Airlines have also been advised that they should accept all reports of mishandled baggage, even if they believe they are not to blame.

According to the law, airlines are meant to compensate consumers for any damage outside of normal wear and tear which could have been caused during transit. Examples of damage which should be compensated include; broken wheels, straps, zips, handles, and any other protruding parts of the checked luggage.

If your case is damaged whilst in the care of your airlines, ensure that you file a report whilst at the airport, and get confirmation of this complaint. If your case is damaged at a different point in your trip, remember that most travel insurance policies will provide cover for luggage.

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