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Did you know?

We have been researching some key facts that you may or may not know relating to Travel and Travel Insurance.

Take a look below to see what we found out!

Social Media

We haven’t been living under a rock, don’t worry!

But we were surprised that according to Schofields Insurance, 40.1% of 18-33-year olds choose where they want to travel to based solely on how good their pictures will be, in order to be posted on Instagram.

The survey was conducted with 1,000 UK millennials, the runners up being the cost of alcohol and personal development.

This just shows how prevalent social media is in our lives now, especially when it comes to booking holidays.

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Do you want £53,000?

The money is not ours, unfortunately, however, a little Swiss village is offering this to live in the mountain village of Albinen.

Currently only 240 people live here (despite the amazing views), and recently the village school even had to shut down due to people emigrating to bigger cities.

The money is meant to be an incentive, and is for people who want to build, buy or renovate a home there.

It means that a couple with two children will receive £53,188 to move into the town.

There are obviously T&Cs to receive the money. Large corporations or those wanting a second home will not receive the benefit, and if you move away within ten years you must repay the money. Lastly, the investment must be at least £151,925.

So if you are thinking about it, ensure you have the money and are willing to stay for at least 10 years.

The municipal council will be looking at the petition, started by a group of young citizens who have advised that a monetary incentive may be what they need, on 30th November.

Fingers crossed!

Airline’s going bust.

This is a hot topic at the moment following Monarch’s collapse on 2nd November.

For more information, see our full post regarding cover and travel insurance.

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No travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is a necessity that many people don’t understand or realise they need. A study done by ABTA found that 40% of people aged 18-24 travel uninsured, out of the 2,043 UK adults asked.

“The FCO cannot pay medical bills if you are hospitalised abroad nor can we fly you home.”

Susan Crown from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, advising those uninsured and willing to ‘risk it’.

When uninsured people find themselves in hot water abroad, it often falls on their family and friends to bail them out, with some starting crown funding pages to try and pay their medical bills.

People are sometimes unsure of the risks involved in not having insurance, but being repatriated home to the UK can cost thousands.

We would urge that anyone travelling abroad should ensure they have purchased the correct travel insurance.

If you have medical conditions, you need to guarantee these have been declared to your insurer, otherwise you may not be covered if anything related to that conditions happens during your trip.

If you have insurance through your bank, ensure you triple check your documents to confirm your cover – they don’t always offer cover for medical conditions, so it’s worth comparing with other direct travel insurance companies.

It’s best to be safe than sorry!

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Terrorist Attacks

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more of these happening worldwide.

In this uncertain time, it is important to know if you are covered whilst away, or if you are covered if you can no longer travel due to the FCO’s guidelines.

What happens if you’re abroad and an attack occurs? Or if an attack happens just before you travel to the destination?

Many travel insurers do not provide cover for acts of terrorism, unless you are actually injured during an incident, so if this cover is important to you then it’s key to shop around and do your research.

At Holidaysafe, we provide differing cover for acts of terrorism depending on the level of cover you purchase.

For example on our Premier Platinum Single and Multi-Trip policies we provide cover to cancel your trip if the FCO changes their advice on your destination (to be unsafe for travel).

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