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Disney Film Sparks Tourism Boom

Disney’s newest fairy tale film ‘Frozen’ burst onto our screens back in 2013, and whether you love it or hate it, you will definitely be aware of the film’s snowballing popularity. In fact, the franchise is providing so popular that even the story’s real life setting has seen a surge of interest from international travellers.

If you’re one of the very few who haven’t heard about the film, Frozen documents the relationship between two sisters (Anna and Else)- one of whom has magical powers over snow and ice – allowing her to withstand freezing temperatures, build ice palaces, change outfits and create living snowmen. However, the powers cause issues between the family, and Anna is forced to venture into the snowy mountains to rescue her magical sister when her powers are revealed.

The beautiful snowy landscapes in Frozen were actually largely based on parts of Norway, for example the Naeroyfjord, in fact the mythical kingdom of Arendelle is based on the port town of Arendal, and the Royal Palace was inspired by Oslo’s Akershus Fortress.

In fact, it would seem that families have been so taken with the film and it’s beautiful setting that many are now planning ‘Frozen’ family holidays, so their children can feel even closer to Elsa and Anna.

Travel website have reported a massive 60% increase in Norwegian holiday searches, with a focus on the film destinations outlined above.

Fellow travel website have also reported an increase in enquiries from parents specifically trying to give their children the frozen holiday experience. In fact, Arendal and Norway are now amoung their most popular winter holiday destinations, along with popular heavy weights such as Lapland, Canada and France.

The film has caused such a surge in potential tourism to Norway that industry professionals are calling it ‘the Frozen effect’, and (among many others I’m sure,) are now planning specialist Frozen themed trips for families!

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