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Double Decker Planes could soon be the Norm

Zodiac Aerospace has recently designed a lower passenger cabin, which would fill the space currently used for luggage and other cargo, and add an additional 100 seats to each plane, increasing revenue for airlines.

Airport terminal.

The designs for the lower passenger cabin were revealed during a patent filing, and would include vending machines, side bins for luggage to save head height, a lounge and display screens that show live exterior footage as opposed to windows.

As for seating, Zodiac have suggested a number of options, from Economy and first class sections, to single column seats facing inwards or towards the walls to give people more privacy. Other seats could also be staggered in groups of five, four or three to accommodate groups and family travellers.

However, experts have already voiced concerns about the designs, siting noise levels and safety as two of the main issues. For example, in the event of a crash landing the plane’s skeleton would need to be reinforced to provide protection to anyone in the lower cabin. Furthermore, if the plane was forced to land on water, passengers in the lower cabin would apparently be forced to climb stairs to reach the top floor, and then evacuate the plane.

Although the idea has already created a great deal of buzz, hundreds of patents are filed by aerospace companies each year, and only a handful ever come to fruition. Therefore we will have to wait and see if double decker planes become the travel norm of the future.

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