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Dream Honeymoon Becomes Holiday Nightmare

The Honeymoon is an extremely part of any newlywed’s post marriage plans, because not only does it allow the couple a chance to relax together following wedding stress, but it also marks the start of their married life together. However, for one couple their honeymoon created everlasting memories for all the wrong reasons.

A young couple share a romantic dinner with candles heart on the sea sand beach

One month after their wedding, Mr and Mrs Wilson headed to a four star resort in Sharm el-Sheikh with their six year old daughter. The trip was meant to be a chance for the family to have some fun together, but a few days after they arrived Mrs Wilson started experiencing severe symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and painful stomach cramps.
Mrs Wilson was so ill, that she couldn’t venture out of her room, meaning she couldn’t enjoy the hotel facilities. Her illness became so bad that she was taken to hospital and placed on an emergency intravenous drip, to re-hydrate and administer antibiotics into her system.
Three months later and Mrs Wilson is still experiencing symptoms, and the couple have now instructed lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to try and seek compensation for them. The pair claim that the hotel was totally to blame for the illness, because of a complete lack of hygiene around the pool, in their food preparation and in their cleaning of items such as sheets and towels.
This unfortunate example just goes to show that holiday disasters can strike at any time, even if you book a four star resort through a reputable travel agent, so you must ensure you invest in quality travel insurance to protect yourself, your trip and your budget against any unexpected holiday mishaps, such as illness, cancellation and lost or damaged possessions. Visit for more information.

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