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Dream Vocation Vacation

When we were children, most of us probably wanted to be a ballerina, astronaut or zoo keeper when we grew up. Unfortunately, for most of us these dreams evolved along the way and became more realistic, but what if you could take a holiday to try out your child hood dream?

Giant Panda breeding centres in China are now offering travellers the chance to become a ‘panda keeper’ for the day. Both the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and the Bifengxia Panda Centre allow you to see these endangered creatures close up, in large enclosures which have been created to match their natural environments as closely as possible.

To become a panda keeper at the Bifengxia Panda Centre costs roughly £35, and will give you an all access pass to the enclosures, helping the professionals to prepare meals and feed the amazing creatures. Both centres offer tourists the chance to ‘hug a panda’ for £200, although your hug time is strictly limited to one minute.

If you visit from July to September, you may be lucky enough to see some panda babies sleeping soundly in the panda nurseries. Pandas find it notoriously hard to breed naturally, as females are only fertile for around one-three days per year. For this reason the centres have a successful panda IVF programme, and are doing amazing work to halt the extinction of this great species.

If you’re interested in travelling to China to spot some pandas, or become a panda keeper for the day, just ensure you purchase quality travel insurance before your trip.

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