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Egypt’s Minister for Tourism urges Visitors to look past Cairo

In recent years Egypt has received quite a bit of negative press, including news agencies all over the World broadcasting images of violence and protest. In fact, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office still warn against all travel to some parts of Egypt, and all but essential travel to other parts too.

Egypt’s Minister for Tourism, Hisham Zaazou, recently made a trip to the UK as part of his new PR and tourism initiative. The minister was very honest about the problems his country is facing, however he did ask people to look past the more problematic areas, and consider travelling to parts of the country which have been deemed perfectly safe.

According to Mr Zaazou, tourism in Egypt has seen a 90% drop in visits from 2012 to 2013, a huge drop when you consider the importance tourism plays in the income of local businesses.

If you’re considering travelling to Egypt, you can visit the FCO’s Egypt page to see which areas are safe to travel to. You must be aware that travel to any area which is against the advice of the FCO will not be covered by travel insurance.

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