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EU Roaming Charges to End in 2017

For the last few years travellers have been warned to switch off any data roaming technology when travelling abroad, to prevent any unexpected bills. Many people have returned home to nasty phone bills, because apps or games were unexpectedly running in the background, racking up high data roaming charges.

Now the European Commission have announced that their two year talks have reached a satisfactory outcome, and from 15th June 2017 you will pay the same for data in European countries as you do at home.
If you’re planning a trip to Europe this summer, the current UE cap stands at + €0.19 per minute for calls, + €0.06 for texts and + €0.20 per megabyte of data.

In the meantime, from April 2016 data roaming charges will be reduced to + €0.05 per minute for calls, + €0.02 for text messages and + €0.05 per megabyte of data.

To ensure you don’t return home to a nasty surprise this summer, follow these simple steps to control your date roaming;

• Switch on aeroplane mode and turn off date roaming – this should stop any apps from working in the background.

• Connect to free Wi-Fi where ever you can

• Use pay and go sim cards, so when you reach you pre-paid limit you know

• Talk to your provider about data caps to control your usage

• Switch off functionality such as video auto play and push notifications in apps

For more advice or information, please visit our Guide to Avoiding Huge Mobile Phone Bills Abroad Tips and Advice page.

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