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Europe’s First Underwater Museum

Museums can be the perfect way to explore a destination’s culture and history, but instead of walking around hushed galleries, British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has embarked on a project to get tourists to dive instead.

The designer has created 400 sculptures and placed them 39 feet beneath the surface of the sea near Lanzarote, to create Europe’s first underwater museum. The sculptures are all in human form but based upon Guanches, which were members of the aboriginal cave dwelling people who inhabited the Canary Islands before the Spanish conquest.

The sculptures, which cover a range of issues from the refugee crisis to the rise of ‘selfie’ culture, have all been created to attract underwater life, which will apparently represent the harmony between man and nature. The creations have also been made with pH neutral concrete, which means they have no negative effects on wildlife.

This is not Jason deCaires Taylor’s first underwater project, as he has launched similar museums in Mexico and the West Indies. In fact, the museum located near Grenada in the West Indies was the first of its kind, and was listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic Magazine.

If you’re interested in visiting this underwater wonder, the museum should be open by this summer. Tourists can either take a glass bottom boat ride to view the sculptures, or take a closer look by scuba diving the ocean floor. Just remember to invest in quality travel insurance which protects you whilst scuba diving in Europe.

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