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Family Wins £23,000 Lawsuit against Holiday Company

Most people save all year for their family holiday, but what do you do when it becomes a living nightmare?

The Sheldon family from Northumberland visited the Caribbean World Resort in Tunisia back in 2011, where they were looking forward to a two week break in the sunny three star resort.

Unfortunately the trip quickly become very serious, when Mr and Mrs Sheldon plus their 26 year old son started experiencing severe gastric symptoms, including painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting, headaches and fever.

Mrs Sheldon was quickly diagnosed with gastroenteritis, which she is still suffering from three years later.

After returning from the ruined trip the family sought legal advice, as the food in the hotel restaurant had been under cooked, served on dirty crockery, and stored inappropriately. Furthermore, When the family had eaten in the restaurant, wild cats had been wondering freely around the dining room, and they had even overheard hotel staff confirming that they wouldn’t eat in the restaurant themselves!

After an on-going legal battle with their holiday company, the family have since been awarded an out of court settlement of over £23,000, which will hopefully go some way to helping the family deal with their ruined trip and on-going medical issues.

This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of researching your hotel fully before booking a trip. The family were shocked when the three star hotel from the brochure actually turned out to be a disgusting and unhygienic disaster. Ensure you look for previous customer reviews and independent traveller feedback, to help you make a decision before booking.

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