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Fancy Visiting the World’s Most Well Respected Country?

According to a recent international poll, Canada is the world’s most well respected country, followed by Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia – unfortunately the UK failed to make the top 10!

The research was conducted as part of the annual ‘Reputation Institute’s Country Reptrak Survey’, which aims to discover how different countries are perceived around the world. 48,000 people were surveyed about 55 countries based on 16 criteria, including technology, public resources and political policies. This data was then used to rank each destination.

Canada was crowned the winner for the fourth time in five years (it was beaten by Switzerland last year), as respondents thought the country had a strong government, a good quality of life and a high level of development. Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia completed the top five.

Unfortunately the UK failed to feature in the top 10, ranking in 13th place. Ireland on the other hand just missed out on the top 10, coming in at number 11. We shouldn’t feel too disappointed though, as the USA didn’t even make the top 20, and Russia was even further down the list following the Ukrainian crisis and other on-going political issues.

The complete top 10 included;

1. Canada

2. Norway

3. Sweden

4. Switzerland

5. Australia

6. Finland

7. New Zealand

8. Denmark

9. Netherlands

10. Belgium

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