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Globe-Trotter Rides Bacon-Fuelled Bike across America

These days, the high prices of petrol mean that if you wanted to take a road trip across America, it would cost you a small fortune to make the 3,000 mile long journey. But what if your bike was powered by bacon?

We’ve heard of vehicles being fuelled from sources such as water, lemon juice and even potatoes, carrots and chocolate – but a bike which has been fuelled using bacon is making its way across the US of A.

If you didn’t think the meaty delicacy was already great, you can now use it to fuel your motorcycle! Bearded biker Eric Pierson is making has made his way across the great continent using only bacon as fuel.

The bike, and Eric, stopped off in Austin, Minnesota; Sturgis, South Dakota; Wyoming, Nevada and the Cache County Fair in Logan, Utah, finishing off with premiering at the International Bacon Film Festival.

The bike was created especially by Hormel Foods Corporation (the guys who also invented Spam), as a marketing idea to promote their own Black Label bacon – but the technology behind it is actually pretty clever.

Should you want to recreate this meaty feat (with the appropriate engine), you can find the recipe and instructions for making bacon fuel online – and it’s actually reasonably simple. The first step is to make a huge amount of bacon before you set off (pretty ideal, right?). Then, the team took the leftover grease from the pan and worked with a bio-fuels company in order to refine what was left over into 100% workable biodiesel. “The fuel is an environmentally safe alternative to the conventional diesel fuel,” the website quotes, “We turned about 275 gallons of bacon grease into 250 gallons of engine-pumping b100 bacon bio-diesel.”

The bacon fuel produces basically zero emissions and has an even better plus side – the exhaust emission even smells like bacon! It’s also a lot cheaper than normal petrol or diesel fuel – working out at around 46p a litre.

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