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Globetrotting Biker Completes 18 Month Adventure

The majority of biking enthusiasts have probably thought about setting off on a world wind tour at some point or another, but Dan Skeates from Essex made his dream a reality, and has just returned from an 18 month motorcycle adventure.

The father of two set off in April 2014 and travelled over 32,000 miles before returning home this month. His trip took him to 37 countries, armed with only a few articles of clothing, some tools, gadgets and his GS Dakar motorcycle.

The 49 year old began his trip riding through Europe, and visiting places like France, Greece, the Balkans and Turkey. His travels then took him all over the world, including India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Moscow and even Australia (to name just a few!).

Mr Skeates was one of the first foreign travellers to be allowed to ride though Bruma from India, and his highlights included the different landscapes in Pakistan, the Outback in Australia and riding the world’s highest navigable road at over 3,500 metres.

When Mr Skeates recalls his travels, he notes how kind the majority of local people where to him, offering food and shelter wherever they could. He also points out what a close knit community bikers are, no matter where they originate from.

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