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Graduates still facing Job Hunting Hell

In recent years the UK’s Universities have been in the public eye quite often, firstly because of the rise in tuition fees from around £3,000 to £9,000 per year for some places, and secondly because of the increasing number of students struggling to find a job, let alone a career, following their graduation.

According to a recent study of university graduates, almost one in every five said they had travelled over 100 miles to attend a job interview. Furthermore, two out of five also reported still searching for work six months after completing their degree, with several still looking a year after they received their cap and gown.

With rising tuition fees and the saturated job market, it seems that graduates are finding it harder and harder to stand out for employers, and get their foot on the career ladder. Unfortunately, this unemployment does have an effect on the UK economy, with more claiming job seekers allowance benefits, and less people able to get into the housing market.

This has meant that many current and new students have turned to other means to try and make their CV shine, for example, work experience, internships, practical college courses rather than degrees, and years studying abroad. Many have given up altogether, and have decided to take gap years to go backpacking, or to live and work abroad. The skills gained from these practices will hopefully mean that employers will see experience in these candidates – something all employers look for, but are not so eager to give.

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